Jacksons Mill General

Rules for Presenting at Jackson’s Mill

Renovation work has been ongoing for some time at WVU Jackson’s Mill.

To take full advantage of the new construction, we need your help in maintaining and preserving the facility. As you plan and participate in programs and events at the Mill, please remember the historic nature of the grounds and buildings. Many of the original building materials are no longer available at any price, so we must be good stewards of the heritage we’ve been entrusted.

In an effort to protect and preserve the facility, we ask our users to abide by the following rules for presenting and displaying materials at WVU Jackson’s Mill:

  • No metal fasteners of any kind (staples, thumbtacks, nails, hooks, etc.) are to be used on the walls, ceilings, floors or fixtures of any of the buildings.
  • No tapes with heavy adhesives are to be used on any walls, ceilings, floors or fixtures. Light adhesives such as painter’s tape are fine as long as they don’t cause damage or leave residue.
  • No nails, staples, spikes or other metal fasteners are to be driven into trees.

Please remember to leave the facility as you found it. If you hang signs, banners, or other such materials, please take them down when you’re finished – along with the string, tape or other fastenings that were used.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in helping us preserve WVU Jackson’s Mill.